Lara’s fall.

Whoops…right, sorry everyone, due to the fact that I have been away from home recently and thus have been sending the episodes of ‘To Cast an Angel Spell’ to my mother to post, one has accidentally (and perhaps, inevitably,) been missed out. 

This is the episode that should have been published between episode 3 and 4; after “She knew something had changed again,” and before “There was blood and pain and nothing.”

Hope this makes a bit more sense! Eternal apologies and many thanks for your patience, Madeleine Shrewsday.

Lara’s Fall.

Abiel had not rested for days, but there he was, sitting at his desk with his maps and charts spread before him. He was rubbing his clawed hands together and staring obsessively down at his papers. Lara was silent for a long time because she knew that something had changed again…..


After a while, Abiel glanced up and noticed her standing there beside him.

“Lara? What is it, my darling?”

“I want to know why you are awake, when you ought to be resting,” said she.

“I do not need to rest. I need to plan.”

Words poured forth from Lara of their own accord. “I want to take all of your care from you and I need to know how.”

Abiel looked back to his work. “You can’t, Lara.”

“But that is untrue. Please don’t lie to me, I have always been truthful to you.”

“Very well,” Abiel turned to her almost savagely, “If you try to take my pain in the way you are considering- don’t lie to me, Lara you know I can see behind your eyes- I will make the mountains crumble to dust.”

“I would weep for them,” returned Lara, “But still I would still do it if it meant you were…”

Lara tried to obey him but she loved him too dearly. She reached out and put her hand on his heart, and began to draw out all the worry and care with her power. Lara could do things as beautiful as that. It ran up her arm like burning chemicals. Abiel yelped and pulled her hands roughly away. His face was thunderous. “Don’t you dare,” he hissed.  And then quite suddenly he shouted, “Get out!”

Lara went from him, back to her chamber. She pulled the gossamer curtains well about her cot and curled away. What care I, thought Lara, What care I if my love is so changed? If he were The Dark one himself I would love him, if he were a burning bar of metal in my arms I would hold him, still. Whatever he does.

Quite suddenly it was light again, and beams of sunlight teased Lara’s eyes open.  She had a delightful feeling of safety, and her bed was warm and bathed in sunlight. She rose and parted her bed curtains; there was Abiel waiting for her. On seeing her he reached out and gently touched the golden circlet on her forehead .“Lara,” his voice was sweet again. “Lara. Awake at last, my sleepy one.”

Lara regarded him with caution. “Are you angry with me still?”

“No. I am not angry with you, I have come to ask your forgiveness. Do you promise that we shall never argue as we did last night, my love?”

Lara felt a needle poke her heart. “Do you promise, Abiel?” she asked wryly.

“Yes, my fool. But you do forgive me?”

“I forgave you the moment you did it,” she replied.

Later that day, Abiel and Lara went to the end of the world once more. Lara gazed over the edge of the world at the mountains. It is as though I am looking at Kinsman, she thought. Abiel knelt beside her and watched her.

“How strange it is that you love the mountains so much, yet you yourself are so high, sweet love,” he said.

‘Nonsense. I am not so high,” replied Lara, not moving her eyes, “And I only love the mountains.”

“You are high. I made you to be high. Almost as high as myself…”

Lara made no reply. She was lost in her mountains.

“I try and rule the planes,” Abiel drew Lara towards him, “I try so hard to govern all spheres. But Midgard plagues me from within. He is so near me. I have tried to leave him behind. But in him I take more than a Father’s interest, and in me, he has more than a son’s indifference…and he desires you also, Lara. He loves you as much as I do. So, so much. And I fear that he has won you. Well. He shall not have you.”

Lara looked at him. “I don’t want to understand you.”

Abiel’s hand flew up to Lara’s cheek and clenched the side of her head. His face was stone, and Lara could feel his seething power throbbing through his palm into her head.

“Please don’t,” Lara whispered.

Abiel’s eyes flared red.

“Please don’t separate me from you,” Lara felt water spill out of her eyes once more as she felt the end of days draw upon her, “I will do anything. I will go away. I will stay out of your sight, just please, please don’t-”

Slowly and deliberately, Abiel pushed Lara closer to the edge of the world.

“I loved you, Lara,” he seethed, “I loved you more than all other things and yet you have conspired against me with Midgard. You have fallen to him.”

“You are deceiving yourself,” Lara reached out for Abiel but he held her at arms’ length, “You are just telling yourself this to- to-“

“By saying that you will love me whatever I become, you have wrapped your arms around him as a wife does her husband,” he said. “Farewell, disobedient Angel.”

With a face like a stone’s neutral gaze, with a swift, firm movement, he pushed Lara in the chest.



Farewell happy fields, whe


re joy forever dwells

Hail, horrors. Hail.”



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