I need a laugh.

And I’m not talking that Mary Poppins, Laura Ashley simperfest  that is so prevalent in our society today. I’m talking anarchy in humour form. That way out, belly-laugh that destroys our street cred and makes those less extreme back warily away. A Boudicca knife-cart style of humour full of ex-parrots and thingies. A quick-fire joke-joust .

It’s an acquired taste, that kind of humour, and I’ve found a fund of it in an entirely unexpected quarter. Or maybe it is predictable, given my new source is designed primarily for youngsters. Horrible Histories started as a set of lawless kiddies books, quite infantile really(as befits a children’s book): it spawned a stage play, nice but dim, and some audiobooks and cards and sundry stuff.

Now a group of actors with attitude has hijacked it and made history all it should be. And I’m finding excuses to take over the kids’ viewing, and sitting rapt for the half-hour it takes to range round the earthier aspects of our globe’s chequered past. It’s suitably silly, and pokes fun in all the right places.

I’ve been trawling YouTube without success, trying to find the episode where a Saxon is visited by a door to door saleswoman carrying out William the Conqueror’s census: no luck yet. And then there’s the Madness tribute from an energetic Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth. Or Stupid Death, the black-cloaked character with scythe who seeks out the most outlandish deaths in history. Including being nutted by a giant turtle. Can’t find any of them: may actually have to go out and use the children as an excuse to buy the DVD….

So: shut the curtains, turn the phone off and send the kids, if you have any, away to camp. Watch end to end episodes on TV catch-up with a glass of vino or an extra large dairy milk. And remember what it is to be truly silly.

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