Owl antics and administrative details

A short extra post to keep readers abreast of the action.

Firstly, you wil remember that Maddie and Felix created a film with Phil’s help, using Maddie’s owls as actors. I promised an excerpt, but with all the events of the past month we had been tardy posting it.

Here is a short (50 second) clip. Do any of you speak owl?

Downton fans will be aware that a visit is planned: but one again, personal events have somehwhat taken over the April season. And so we have rebooked: with a rather long wait, Im afraid. However, better late than never: Maddie and I will be visiting Highclere Castle, aka Downton Abbey, on Sunday July 29th.

A huge thank you for awards which have been given to me lately. Each and every one is very much appreciated – please bear with me: writing and blogging time is at a minimum currently, due to events beyond my control, and as soon as I am able to get myself organised I shall thank you all properly.

And finally, apologies to my blogging friends for my erractic visiting schedule. Oh, for some routine: I am sure life will settle down shortly but please forgive the strange rhythm of my visiting until I can effect some kind of return to normal.




20 thoughts on “Owl antics and administrative details

  1. Love the triple cutaway to the three owls on the ever distant road.
    And no forgiveness needs be asked. We are all living our lives first. Sincerest hopes that all settles down soon!

  2. Hope you and yours are well, blogging surely can’t be the highest of priorities in life, if it were, that’d probably be more of an issue. I was a little bemused by them seeming to having set their stage in the middle of the Queen’s Highway and was trying to fathom the cameo by the air freshener but I did love the shot of them walking down the path, if Cameron says it’s a triple cutaway then I will take her word for it! I look forward to your photos of Highclere too. πŸ™‚

  3. love the owls! hope life settles down for you soon… i should iron instead of blog (at least once in a while) but i never do…

  4. How timely! Netflix has just advised me that Downton Abbey, Season One, Disc One is FINALLY on its way to our door. πŸ˜€

    Now, off to watch the clip.

  5. Hope all settles down for you soon Kate. You have so much on your plate, animals, extra children, work, a home to run, not forgetting your dear mother – blogging is the last of your priorities. Just take careβ™₯
    It is lovely to see children being creative, and doing it happily together too.

  6. Who, who πŸ™‚ Lovely clip – what a collection of owls (I can talk – we have quite a few here in our house). In fact, I have a rather large owl (fibreglass) staring down at me from a corner of my office (he keeps me on my writing toes).

  7. Bravo! Can you hear me clapping across the pond?

    Dear Kate, I have been erratic as well and most certainly understand. Take care and do what you need to do. Hope your mum is improving. Penny

  8. I’d say that is a Owling Success! Simply delightful.
    I subscribe to the ‘I’ll know it when I see it’ philosophy!
    Tu-whooooom did you address that question about speaking owl?
    (My Eagle Owl in Tabika always speaks in high-falutin’ language, and then says ‘id est’ and clarifies!)

  9. Sorry to read of the hectic. I cannot wait for your future Downton posts for I shall brag at work in your honor. Almost the whole staff is quite smitten with the series ~

  10. No apologies necessary, Kate. I have been amazed at how you’ve maintained quite a bit of regularity despite the family responsibilities of late . I’m sitting at the hospital myself right now and have all this time, iPad in hand, and the hospital only allows one hour a day of Internet to blog sites. Crazy! I get 15 minutes at a time, then it boots me off, and after awhile I can do it again….but no more than an hour! I’m so crazed by this! Ha! So you’ve done well! I will be glad to have you back, but mostly because it will mean life is regulating! My dad will be here a bit longer but is recovering well! This is just temporary! oxo Debra

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