Putting up the bunting

Well, I promised to keep you all abreast of events.

I shall be popping up quick extra posts to chart the Jubilee weekend: it has dawned grey and cool but not raining today, and Phil put the bunting up as promised.

A few pictures: including a rare shot of Phil I simply couldn’t resist.

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36 thoughts on “Putting up the bunting

    1. That’s Maddie: perplexed because she could not imagine how we were ever going to fix the bunting up. In the end we used kitchen wire ties and cadged the telephone cables for support. So if we can’t make a phone call later you will know why…

      1. You think you may have boobed with ‘abreast’? πŸ™‚ Sur-prised you didn’t stick to the original plan with ap-prised! πŸ™‚

  1. Aren’t you glad that Queen Liz wasn’t “coronated” in the chill months of January or February?

    Much nicer to hang bunting in shorts and sandals!

      1. It is nice to be in shorts and sandals πŸ™‚ I think the queen took the country over on the death of her father in Feb 1952. But every respectable Englishman waits till Summer to celebrate. Apparently Churchill stopped everyone rushing for Summer ’52 and they all planned properly for Summer ’53. Thus, we do not freeze when hanging out bunting!

  2. I love seeing “pure Brit” in some of the phrases in these comments. Reading with a big grin as English friends’ voices bounce through my memory. “…scones, jam and cream; and polite sandwiches.” Indeed!

    1. A double dip…Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth. She’s been a stalwart figure in the maintenance of peace. Now, Kate, can you easily answer this? Could it be said that Britain was most peaceful during the reigns of Queens? I’m not being a flaming feminist, but I do believe we need more feminine influences throughout the world today. Testosterone hasn’t shown itself well lately.

      1. Their longevity was a strength, especially in the case of Elizabeth 1, Amy- imagine what it must have been to have no change after Henry’s antics,his death and the ensuing sectarian uncertainly! But each of the three – Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II – have embodied the concept of duty, and for the latter two it was duty without power. They have performed the role of a strong, broadly visible figurehead. Their values have, amazingly, defined their eras. It’s a subject for an essay question or a long late-night debate over glasses of wine….

      2. See? You’ve already given me something to chew on…I either forgot or hadn’t seriously considered their powerlessness. Against all odds and with a dignity to be duplicated…

  3. I watched a bit on Sky News in the morning and it looked like a typical English day. I hope it was an amazing event loved by all πŸ™‚

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