The Eternal Frame

This is the seventh post of seven, each a response to Kate Shrewsday’s request for an itinerary of MTM’s Seven Architectural Wonders. Each text post has a corollary visual post; the text and image posts will alternate between the blogs of Kate Shrewsday and the Andra Watkins. Since I (MTM) am no longer a paid pedant, I will try to make these as entertaining and enlightening as possible in 600 words or less. One ground rule: I cannot include a work of architecture I have not experienced directly and personally, just as one’s list of Great Books should not include a book one hasn’t yet read.
To see the text for this seventh post please click here!

The Suswa caldera

Sheena’s Lair, or where I almost met my end

Entering The Pantheon

A celestial timeclock….

..and what it looks like at high noon

The Pantheon

Where the rotunda and the portico meet

Evidence of compromise

The Pantheon


31 thoughts on “The Eternal Frame

  1. Man’s relationship to the movement of the sun, caught in stone.

    We do that quite often, don’t we. Sometimes its a calendar, sometimes it just makes the building more ‘liveable’,

  2. From the chaos order was brought forth. I love the comparison between the rough cave with its opening and the perfection of this place. Its concrete ceiling always takes my breath away…how, thousands of years ago, did they mould it to create such perfection?

    1. The cave of doom, as you call it, was also the location of some scenes from Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Some of the rocks arrayed around the space were actually painted styrofoam.

  3. Sheena’s Lair makes me think of Indiana Jones. I’m sure I’d be speechless in such beauty and incredible space. I am awe-struck in knock-offs! Great series, MTM. You have raised my awareness of structure and art by miles. Debra

    1. Sheena’s Lair is from Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, part of which was filmed on location there. We found remnants of the filming, including styrofoam rocks. We di not find Tanya Roberts.

  4. Dear MTM, thank you for taking my hand and leading me on this journey to architectural wonders of space and time, of volume and tracery. I’ve learned so much and I’m seeing now with eyes newly attuned to wonder. Peace.

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