Extra post: Clive Bond and the Helicopter

I feel it incumbent upon me to report Clive Bond’s first helicopter ride.

He has an increasing propensity towards gung-ho action movie behaviour. Daniel Craig would be proud of him.

He has long since mastered the dog. Ambush practice begins and ends with the long-suffering hound of the house, Macaulay. Drill involves assessing the dog’s trajectory. Bond positions himself where he predicts the dog will walk past, hidden under the stairs or behind the sofa or some similar out-of-the-way hidey hole. He waits until the dog is about to pad past on the way to some doggie activity like lying on a sofa, or sitting having a decent scratch, or watching at the gate for passing dogs to bark at.

And then Bond flies out. Not a cute, kitteny pounce but a full-blown Daniel Craig dive, usually heading straight for the dog’s voluminous moustache.

It’s impressive, unless you are The Dog, and then it’s rather irritating.

Macaulay has begun to stop, inexplicably, in hallways and on landings, and look with loaded meaning at a human for assistance.

Sure enough, when we investigate, there is a kitten a little further up the passage, poised for ambush-practice.

Poor old dog.

This morning Clive ratcheted up the excitement another notch. Felix has been using a favourite helicopter in complex games which involve a lot of Lego figures, a viking longship and a couple of rowing boats. The helicopter was poised on the arm of the sofa, awaiting unspecified enemy action.

The enemy action appeared from an unexpected source.

For Clive had positioned himself on the other arm to take the dog by storm. The dog gave a spirited defence which sent the cat bowling and somersaulting, straight towards the helicopter. Clive Bond landed on top of the toy helicopter, which, spurred on by the velocity of the arrival, shot off the edge of the sofa with Clive on top.

It was a few delightful split seconds. But any of the Shrewsdays will swear that Clive Bond rode that helicopter .

And no-one will ever forget it.


59 thoughts on “Extra post: Clive Bond and the Helicopter

  1. Family life is indeed magic. Thanks for the story which is so good in itself and also so much a trigger for reminders of one’s own cat/dog/child experiences

  2. Too funny! And with the wonderful way you told the story, I could have sworn I was right there watching it all. 🙂

    1. Terry, you are welcome. My reflexes are deplorably slow and getting the film to the cat and the helicopter with a two-second window was beyond my reaction times, I fear 😀 Words will have to suffice….

  3. Poor Macaulay. His nerves must be worn to a frazzle.
    As you described Clive Bond’s stealthy attacks, the image that came to mind was of Cato who would try to surprise Peter Sellers (as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films).

  4. These are the moments that make life worth living, at least for kittens. Warning: William is roughly the size of Macaulay, and he still lies in wait to ambush unsuspecting humans. Doesn’t bring down helicopters, though. That’s for the younger generation.

  5. Dear Kate, I find myself as drawn to Clive Bond as to your nephew. You write so endearingly and with such wit about both of them whom you clearly cherish that I am drawn willy-nilly to any story about either of them. I can just see Clive on that helicopter. I bet Felix hooted in delight! Peace.

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