Extra post: Clive Bond, Dress-Up Kitten

Every child in the extended family has been here today.

They have been filming a film called “Chaos at the Bumpy Ritz Hotel”. And while Felix has been in charge of the scenery and props, Maddie organised costumes and make up.

When the children had disappeared down to the sitting room to film, there on the floor was a creamy gauze skirt: the sort that might stand up on its own in the right circumstances.

And while the kids were away, the cat will play.

He is a thoroughly masculine cat perfect for potential espionage. But he is also, I now discover, a sucker for a girly skirt.


Observe: and draw your own conclusions.


33 thoughts on “Extra post: Clive Bond, Dress-Up Kitten

  1. Every spy needs a Mata Hari disguise. Clive is on his way to a stellar career.

    I hope “Chaos at the Bumpy Ritz Hotel” will one day appear at a theatre near me. Or at least on YouTube.

  2. Tulle is a wonderful play thing for a cat with a kittenish bent . . . and what a great name for the movie:

    β€œChaos at the Bumpy Ritz Hotel”

    Does it feature Bumpy the Elephant, perchance?

  3. Ah, the reason for the research is obvious. His namesake is well known for skill in removing ladies’ garments, so he is just getting the hang of the mechanics of that one.
    Dress-up kitten is one thing. Kitten up dress is another. Particularly tempting when the legs beneath it have nice stockings to aid with the ascent.

  4. Living up to his namesake, Clever Clive can smell the Dinner Special served at the Bumpy Ritz Hotel: Tuna Salad Sandwich served wrapped in a creamy gauze skirt. It’s somewhere in that heap of material.

  5. Dear Kate, Clive is, like all cats, mysterious and mystical. Who knows what pictures his mind explores while he lies on gauze? Perhaps in a past life he was one of the ballerinas painted by Toulouse-Lautrec. Peace.

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