Extra Post: Meeting Santa


Phil strolled in a couple of Friday evenings ago, to find my sister and I drinking  mugs of tea around the kitchen table.

“How would you feel,” he opened speculatively, “about your children being in a movie?”

Nothing surprises us about Phil any more. The man who used to leave inflatable gorillas in the hallway when we went off on holidays, in order to scare off burglars; the man who cooked a real Victorian Christmas pudding in muslin in his garden chimenea; he has kept us all on our toes for two decades. movie, schmovie.

We waited for the pitch.

It was like this: Phil has just recently joined British Airways. And he was working with them on their Christmas Youtube shoot.

They needed two children: and in the event, my sister’s children were not available, but Maddie and Felix were.

They had a whale of a time shooting the film: and we decided that just this time, just this once, we might post the results. Regulars will recognise Phil, and by now you will all know Maddie and Felix by reputation.




45 thoughts on “Extra Post: Meeting Santa

  1. Wonderful – I expect I’ll get it in a frequent flyer email from them one day soon – which I might as usual instantly delete, so much nicer to have had a preview this way.

    1. It is – that’s Phil, the tall bloke in the black coat. He was the one who had the idea for the Metro newspapers with the Christmas headline too. As he never tires of telling me.

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