A Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch

Sometimes, one is just out of place.

We’ve all been there.

Square peg in a round hole, we stick out like a sore thumb; and our whole demeanour shouts awkward. The song puts it so well.

So there I was, strolling through the Ashmolean, looking at the history of mankind with undisguised awe, when I happened upon a glass case with a range of objects in it from Very Ancient Cyprus. I’m talking second millenmium BC here.

Jugs and juglets, bowls with wishbone handles, ancient red and grey clay arranged there for us all to goggle at.

And there she was, in the centre of the display:


They don’t even know who she was, poor soul. They hazard Astarte, the Cypriot Aphrodite. But she could be called Mavis for all they really know.

To her chagrin, they may not know her name but they know her age. She was born between 1450 and 1200 BC. That’s a lot of face cream, let me tell you.

My days are busy, my wordage low, but I feel we should honour her with a caption today. I wonder what she is saying?


53 thoughts on “A Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch

  1. Years, I’ve been here, millennia in the public view. In my pants. No it doesn’t get easier. You try being number 41 in her pants.

  2. She has the look of someone who suffered unusually bad facio maxillary surgery. She should have asked the guy, who did her jugs, to finish the job on her eyes and cheekbones. It looks like the guy who made the jugs, between which she has been placed, thought he could do surgery as well as make pots. His ancestors live on – I saw some of their work on TV last night:)

    1. I think that one is very close to the truth, Gabrielle. If one is going to stand in a glass case under the gaze of academics and tourists alike, one should be permitted to find a decent frock first.

  3. She looks pensive and is holding flowers. Is she waiting for someone ? Then she’s thinking ‘will he come?’.

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