L’Aprés Midi D’une Smelly Terrier


Gush, gush, gush, gush.

It must get wearing listening to us Brits going on and on and on about the fact that for the first time in two years the sun appears to be shining.

But we’re most over-excited about it. We cannot believe our good fortune. For just a little while we are not umbrella-beholden, wellie welding curmudgeons. No-one is flooded out. We wake up to see rays of sunshine streaming through the window. The British wildlife is equally exuberant, because everyone loves a blue sky.

And so, while it lasts, we reserve the right to be insufferably smug. It will rain again soon enough.

In this vein, then, I will inform you all that Macaulay and the family pottered round the forest today. And it was just stunning. And without further agush, I shall turn away from words and towards images. For today, truly, each picture speaks one thousand words.

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40 thoughts on “L’Aprés Midi D’une Smelly Terrier

  1. We have your rain today, Kate. But after our wild Rotary party last night, it’s nice to veg indoors…… 🙂 Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I am ready to come back to England for a little while.

  2. I confess to being bemused at the gushing every time the sun peeks out the teeniest bit, but these are truly ‘gushworthy’ Kate 😀

  3. no no no no… anyone can catch on to what you feel after the lonnng sun drought. And we can ‘see’ the sunbeams as you describe with such descriptive words.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Kate! I am all for gushing when it’s about well-being, and let’s face it, we need sun to keep our mental energy buoyant. Hooray! I, for one, am just as happy for you as I can be. The photos are beautiful! ox

  5. I well understand your exuberance about the sunshine, Kate. I used to live in Syracuse, New York which had, I believe, 85 percent cloud cover. I doubted the existence of that yellow orb in the sky even when my eldest daughter in Florida went on and on about it. 🙂

      1. Yes, the Kerria Japonica is battling with the Dandelions to see who can produce the most yellow at the moment 😉 And the Rowan is about to flower (over a month late).

  6. Jim,
    Rien ne dit: “Exquisite English Sun” mieux qu’un commentaire en français.
    Le Clown

    1. Tout à fait. J’entends Debussy chaque fois que je marche sous un soleil comme ça. Quelle autre langue serait l’exprimer ainsi?

      Thanks for reading, Clown.

  7. We have not had much spring out here, either, Kate, but this weekend was rather lovely. Love all the photos! Glad to see that Mac is stalking whatever he’s stalking — a delicious smelling dead squirrel?

  8. A thousand words and more! Hooray for sunshine and forests and Macauley. I loved the shots of the deer, Kate, and that tree looks so ancient and regal. Enjoy whatever sunshine comes you way and post more pictures.

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