Thank You!

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46 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Thought I was going to have a break down refreshing the page every few seconds before the deadline! Great that the numbers went up substantially. How long before they announce the winner? Best of luck Kate!

    1. No idea, Valkrye! I’ll have to potter off and do my homework to find out today. Thank you, for your help, but also for your encouragement, which was absolutely brilliant.

  2. It looks as though the site is still recording votes . . . hope someone caught the numbers at midnight.

    Congrats, Kate.
    Fingers still crossed.

  3. My dog, Maggie, my cat, Shadow and my PT Cruiser all had fun voting today. Then I ran out of voting devices both at home and work. Andrea’s stats for today are going to be really skewed.

    1. Have a great trip, Rosemary. I always look forward to you getting back with sumptuous photographs which appear on your site so beautifully framed. Thank you so much for all your help.

    1. Much more relieved now, Chris. Probably because there’s nothing more I can do. If I’m the sort of person they want, they’ll choose me; and if not, I’ll have a golden Summer exploring with the kids anyway. Friday’s the day we’ll find out.

      1. Exactly the right attitude, Kate.

        I’ve just re-watched the Top Ten videos. Most are intriguing with something to offer which might appeal to Robert MacFarlane.

        Time will tell. Until then, keep breathing. πŸ˜€

      2. I can stop holding my breath now! What a special writer and person you must be to be able to muster such loyal warm support.

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