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Speccy. A blogging good friend. A tireless campaigner for those with rare diseases. A humorist, a realist, someone who misses her mum who died it seems only a short while ago. A mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of a man who ran with the Olympic torch. Never for want of the right words to express something. Fiona is a rare and special human being. I talk the talk, but she does that and walks the walk too. Read and enjoy.

me, mine, and other bits

When I’ve had to make choices about energy, oft times blogging has lost out. I went to the Titanic Belfast, to the Warhol exhibition at the new Arts Centre, the Revealed government art exhibition at the Ulster Museum. When the painter was here, I moved to the Linenhall Library to read worthy rare disease papers. I had thoughts about these places and events, and leaflets full of supporting information to enthrall you. I found the leaflets when I was tidying up for the bookclub arriving on Friday.

Oops. So much for the thoughtful, erudite posts I was going to write (it seems I do have an imagination after all…)

Titanic was grand, but I wouldn’t go again. Warhol was wonderful fun and I did go again. Revealed was really interesting and worth seeing. If my brain worked I’d have bought the book which had all the pics and all…

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9 thoughts on “on improving

  1. Once again, a flurry of catching up, Kate, and here I find your sad story of Clive, and your happy adventures with Al and the princesses and the teacher who is what all teachers should be – and this, a great reblogging event to start my weekend.

    I’m so sorry about Bond, and will hope you see his return. Sometimes, they do. Here’s a big hug from across the pond.

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