The Dog Gone Blues


Alas, we are dogless.

Our flight for New York departs some time this morning, with any luck; and departure was at 5:30am sharp. So last evening, the dog was led away to sit with my mother in her ittle grey Peugeot, and driven off.

It all felt rather sudden. One minute he was there, the next: gone. No fuss, for my parents are well used to being a hotel for his nibs the moustachio’d wonder.

If he glanced back at me, it was just for an instant. I knew he was off for a rather nice walk in the grounds of an old stately home. There would be much socialising and bottom sniffing. Macaulay would be in Heaven.

When we went to see Macaulay as a one-year-old whippersnapper in the local animal rescue, it was my father who courted him with doggie biscuits. Oh, he’s nice, the dog thought; and came most willingly with us when we arrived after all the checks to collect him. He was most nonplussed to find my father and his biscuits were nowhere to be seen, and h was destined to live with us instead.

So Macaulay will live the life he always envisaged for himself for four days: close to biscuits, and his best doggie pal Spice, and the man he is sure he should have ended up with.

But we are doggone lonely. I keep having to resist the impulse to get up and take the dog for a walk. There is not a single animal in the house; just us four.

There is nothing left for us but to get on the plane.


48 thoughts on “The Dog Gone Blues

  1. I wonder if our pets know how much we miss them when we go away. One time on vacation somewhere in Europe, we were in some gorgeous floofy hotel room nothing like our own room back home. I was delirious with jet lag at 2 in the afternoon or so and I gave up and took a nap. I heard a rustle under the bed and woke up and said “Kitty?!” It was not.

    1. Kimberley, your story resonates! We are wide awake at five in an American morning and Phil has just said: ” I wonder how the dog is?” Thanks for reding and commenting today.

  2. I envy your dog sitting arrangement. We visited London a few weeks ago (leaving from New York πŸ™‚ ) and had to give our dog to a kennel lady. She’s wonderful, but still….. Lucky dog you have!

  3. As long as you send him some selfies atop the Empire State, or, better still, from Central Park, surrounded by the very strange doggy creatures you can find there, I’m sure he’ll be a happy little canine. Bon Voyage, Kate and family. NYC – awesome!

  4. No doubt, Macaulay enjoys being the adored and spoiled grandpuppy. But he enjoys the time spent with you and your family. I understand, Kate, about missing your animal companions. They are such a part of us.

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