The far county

Nothing’s far from anywhere here in England, but some places are farther than others.

And the East of England, that great round coastline which looks out on the wash, it’s a long, long way from anywhere.

But if you have not visited; and if you find yourself on England’s shores; you should make a trip. Leave at least a week, and that will not be nearly enough. A more spelbinding part of the world I have not seen.

Today: just a few of the photographs from a memorable week in North Norfolk.


34 thoughts on “The far county

  1. I have known Norfolk since I was a child when we used to visit relatives in North Creake. In more recent times I have been there on sevreal occasions to visit a work colleague who retired to Briningham. I have also flown into Cromer International Airport 🙂

    I’d recommend Norfolk and its terracotta hues beneath perpetually blue skies to anyone – except for those who can’t handle slowing down and drawing breath once in a while; It’s not a place to be rushed 🙂

  2. Glad you all had a great time in Norfolk Kate – my parents always went there when I was a child, and we used to visit regularly when we lived in Hertfordshire, but getting over there from the west of the country is as you mention ‘the far country’.

  3. What I notice most about riding around England is how long it takes to get anywhere. Because you are smarter than we are, you haven’t plowed the landscape with interstate highways (which I will admit are convenient but do encourage more driving than people might otherwise do.)

    Maybe part of it is “stop and look at everything along the way” syndrome. The last time I was there (when we met you and Phil), our friends Alan and Margaret offered to take us to Lincoln. They live north of Peterborough, in Thorney, and it wasn’t very far. A little over 50 miles. We left early that morning and didn’t arrive in Lincoln until dusk. Of course, Alan took us all over the place. (Boston, because of the pilgrims, and when we saw the Stump, we had to climb it; Crowland to see Croyland Abbey and the bridge with no water.) It was a perfect day, but I know Alan and Margaret were exhausted from so much time in the car.

    1. There is so much to see, isn’t there? Every village has its layers of history. I would have loved to be with you on that journey. I bet it was amazing. We wear ourselves out doing this stuff but at the end of the day we are very happy.

  4. I love seeing different parts of my England through your eyes and words (my parents emigrated to the U.S. when I was 7). Someday I’m coming back to follow some of your walks.

  5. The North Norfolk coast is my home in the country – well my mother’s and brother’s! While some claim Burnham Market is now ‘Chelsea by the Sea’ there are wonderful places to explore here without the London set. You may even run into ex-PM John Major doing his shopping in Holt – happened to me. But a walk on Holkham Beach in winter is only for the well-clothed. With north sea winds it is more than bracing. For those who want a taste of the area in modern novels try the wonderful new crime series by Elly Griffiths – it gives a great taste of the area.

  6. As always you seem to take the same kind of pictures I would take on a walk 🙂

    Of course, I don’t know what else is out there to take pictures of.

  7. I love this part of England more than any other corner, thanks for sharing, Kate. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Love from Cley next the Sea

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