Time Wasters


Bally time wasters, the lot of ’em.

You go to fetch something in Maddie’s room – hermetically sealed, to delay the moment the dog meets them – and these tiny scraps are curled up on the bed regarding you solemnly.

And immediately you forget what you came in for. And you tell yourself: two minutes won’t hurt. They need to be socialised, you rationalise. And you sit down.

And suddenly, it’s twenty minutes later.

A kitten is worse than the internet. Fact. Tearing yourself away from the laptop is vastly easier than disengaging oneself from these very small, perfect little creatures with the instincts of a tiger, playing at killing things.

Monty and Millie are becoming sturdier. They are happy to be held and stroked. They are getting braver. Siamese runs in their blood, and they have ears as big as bats. I expect they have sonar capability.

With their Siamese heritage comes a perfection you don’t get in English cats. They don’t look kittenish so much as very small, perfect cats out of scale. They remind me of all the cats I have ever seen in the British Museum.

They still knock over their water, don’t get me wrong, and shred toys, and fight, and do comedy stuff. But Siamese cats were the temple cats of Siam, the guard cats who could sound the alarm with their piercing cat-talk. They have not realised yet that this is a bumbling British home, and that they  do not need to stand sentry by the window with quite such seriousness, because there are no warriors coming to threaten the dynasty, only children outside on bicycles and postmen coming to deliver their daily batch of letters.

They’ll get it eventually, I expect.


30 thoughts on “Time Wasters

  1. No time spent with kittens is ever wasted. I’ve raised kittens, fostered kittens and loved kittens at every opportunity and am richer and happier for it. I don’t regret a minute. Yours are right up there on the ‘adorable’ scale. Love their big bat-ears.

  2. They are just wonderful. You managed to escape after only 20 minutes?
    A firm favourite with all of us is ‘The Siamese Cat Song’ from ‘Lady and the Tramp’.on YouTube.

  3. Their ears do look as big as bats Kate! Will they grow into them? Your two time wasters are adorable. Macaulay must sense something’s up. I would think he could sniff their presence. He is a clever hound.

  4. They’re not just time wasters…..they’re sleep robbers! They crawl ALL OVER ME when I tried to get to sleep, and I’ll sit up playing with them until midnight. And when I want to stop playing, they want to play some more…..ugh. Kittens are hard work, but it’s worth it.

    From Maddie Shrewsday:-)

  5. Oh, those faces. I love the look of perpetual surprise on the one. The ears are to die for, too. The side angle shot does look like something ancient. I agree with you about the museum.

  6. They are simply precious. There isn’t anything cuter or more appealing than a kitten. I still miss my Siamese princess very much. My two boys are beloved and sweet, but the princess was regal.

  7. Our new doggy member of the family is also proving to be a great time waster, so I had to chuckle at your observations upon entering Maddie’s room, Kate. I think somewhere deep inside of us we need these little creatures to help us pull away from ourselves. We are on such tight schedules and are always moving forward. They help us to stand still. I’ve had a dreadful week of issues because of trying to be in two places at once. Zena is helping me slow down. I think your two little beauties may do the same…I hope that for you, and me, too! 🙂 oxo

  8. Super cute. Ah come on, it was probably good for you to spend that time. I think petting an animal is supposed to reduce blood pressure or something, but hey, we all know kittens are just lots of fun. Have fun with them, and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. I’m convinced God made kittens cute to asure they are adopted. One they become cats they consider us their servants.

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