The day the dog did what he was told

The dog never chases sticks.

He does not do sticks, or balls, or haring off obediently, or doing anything very much at all on command. He’s a terrier. He just doesn’t.

You don’t get a terrier to have a yes man in the family. You get a terrier to incorporate another complex, self-contained personality to add to all the others. Terriers are not exactly no-men, but they’re not far off. Their typical agenda includes sitting on forbidden sofas, staring reproachfully and collecting dead things.

So imagine my surprise when the dog did what he was told.


42 thoughts on “The day the dog did what he was told

  1. Poor Master Mac, forced to heel under the shrieks of the Overlords…..

    “No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity. But I know none, and therefore am no beast.” Shakespeare.

  2. Oh the memories. One of my dogs (Jasper, shephard and who knows what else) loves to run off, and calling him back is useless. Chasing him is even more useless, because that’s a fun game. However, one day in Colorado after he escaped he ran by carrying a giant stick, which was unusual as he isn’t a stick dog. I called him and he came, extra proud that he was listening and carrying his stick. He go into the front mudroom of our house and I realized the gruesome reality . . . the whole deer leg.

    Fun times with canine family.

  3. I had to play it again to see that it wans’t an optical illusion.
    Thinking about it, though, I wonder if that wasn’t simply a gesture of disgust that you would think for even one minute that he would mistake a leg for a stick when he doesn’t DO sticks?

  4. One should not “yuck” another man’s (er, dog’s) “wow!” Methinks he was simply just hugely disappointed that you were not as enthused as he about his treasure! 🙂

    1. Kate, I am pleased to hear you do not customarily gnaw on deer legs. I promise never to tell you to drop anything, though I might enquire politely if you would like a cup of tea should you ever find yourself in this neck if the woods.

  5. It may be a case that Macaulay decided that the deer leg did not taste so good after all. He looked somewhat relieve as he dropped it.

  6. That was great! Maybe knowing that he was being filmed inspired Macaulay to drop the dead deer leg? I hope that on your next walk he won’t be inspired to pick it up again, but then you could film a sequel for us.

  7. MacCaulay, I feel your pain. One of our cats was admonished for bringing a field mole to our door. She promptly left – at my bidding – and took her prize elsewhere. (Congrats, Kate, for getting your terrier to mind.)

  8. Our Silky Terrier is as described, ” another complex, self-contained personality to add to all the others.” She would never surprise us with doing as she was told. Much to our delight. This was a fun post.

  9. I could learn a lesson from you Kate. I have two Terriers and a lab puppy and it is mayhem. I can’t get the terriers housebroken! tips?

  10. How darling. Terriers can be a handful. He looks so free with his ears blowing in the wind. Thanks for such a great smile first thing in my morning … Puppy happiness! 🙂

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