A Royal Snippet

The storms which have ravaged the south of England overnight mean I am madly telephoning parents to cancel a holiday scheme we have planned for the forest today.

So I will have time to write later, but not now.

Here’s a photograph to hold your attention: I went to Eton on Friday, and wrote a whole post on the graffiti the pupils have plastered everywhere around the school. Their names are often beautifully inscribed all over the place, on walls, and pillars, and columns, and doors.

And just before I walked into the chapel, look what I came across:


Perhaps there is the odd occasion when graffiti should be flaunted?


26 thoughts on “A Royal Snippet

    1. Nancy, the forest is fine, though a few really big century-old giants are gone forever.
      We cannot help greedily speculating over the seasoned firewood which will be available to us in 6 months 😀

  1. I am sure you love the graffiti in Westminster Abbey too. 🙂
    Your post has just reminded me of some photos I took in the summer. I must have a look.
    If you are looking for an outing, I could do with crew at das Boot at the end of the week for a trip to the pump out and back, about 90 mins each way!

  2. Whoa! That’s great, Kate! Your storm makes me think of Hurricane Sandy that wreaked so much damage on this side of the pond a year ago, but hopefully it will not be that severe by you.

  3. I have thought of you and several other dear blogging friends as even our news has picked up reports of the storms. I do hope that inconvenience is the most disturbing part of the event. Safety, I pray.

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