A Modest Adventure

I am writing today from a height of 36,000 feet, somewhere in the region of a place called Mulhouse.
And I am on a small, modest adventure. 
For I am hurtling at a rate of hundreds of miles an hour towards the ancient and affluent city of Zurich.
I hurtle without husband or children, seated next to my friend Lydia, with a resolution to spend very little yet learn much.
We are staying with our good friend Sonja.
And I cannot wait to see the lake.
I can hear nothing whatsoever.  The air pressure has martialled the contents of my ears against me. My ears are totally blocked; useless; and I know not when I shall hear the sweet captain’s Canadian voice again.
Meanwhile the air flight attendants have plied me with diet coke and chicken wraps, and are trundling the duty free trolley up and down the gangway, though 50 short miles lie between me and a city of stories, and the leagues fly beneath us like fleet night wraiths.
Make  haste, distance-spirits of the night.
Towards this city of stories.


43 thoughts on “A Modest Adventure

  1. Have a blast, Kate ~ hope your ears clear in short order. My dad traveled to Switzerland twice a year bringing us back Swiss Army Knifes and Swiss Chocolate. As well as recipes for winter meals of Cheese Fondue and Raclette. Most of his trips landed him in Geneva. I don’t know much about Zurich. So please share.

  2. Kate, I cannot wait to see your coin of the realm that you collect while visiting Zurich. That is what my husband called stories: “coin of the realm.”

      1. And I’m having fun today, too, Kate. Meeting Andra and MTM for the first time. Aren’t we all just moving around! πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to hearing more of your adventuring!

  3. This should be fun!
    My strongest memory of Zurich is trying to escape from it. We went in dizzy circles at the airport in a hire car, trying to master the art of driving on the wrong side of the road and find our way to Lucerne, and finally shot off into the hinterland in desperation – direction no longer mattered as long as it was AWAY!

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