The Evil Genius’s Waiting Room


On the top floor of a three storey house, on the edge of a new town, somewhere on the outskirts of London, an evil genius has sited his headquarters.

The approach, up narrow, winding, footworn stairs, is well signposted.


Though the Evil Genius could do with a decent proof reader. You just can’t get the staff these days.

The sign speaks the truth: for this particular Evil Genius has a carefully planned waiting room.


Note, please, that clients of the Evil Genius are invited to read Kate Shrewsday alongside other top authors.


On his door, he sports pre-emptive signage:


Though you are also invited to knock. Even if we are at DEFCON 1.

This must rank as one of the most well-communicated, hospitable Evil Geniuses this side of the Atlantic.

Bt then: I would say that. He is my son, after all.


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