Nine Lessons and Carols: The Ninth Lesson: Words

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And we have arrived at the closing moments of Christmas Eve, and the ninth lesson.

The choirboys of Kings College Cambridge have sung their piece, and folks have returned home to their firesides. They are wrapping the last of the presents, and soon stockings will be being opened amid squeals of delight.

But before we take the plunge into the festivities, lets cast a last look over our shoulder to the words of the ninth lesson.

Because it is testament, is it not, to the power of words?

It weaves a piece of true poetry in which the creative force at the beginning of the universe was a word. And if one word started it off, might not the rest of creation be words too?

It brings to mind the opening moments of the fictional universe of Narnia; started with a song, sung by a lion, which brings everything into being. And it puts every story ever told into a new light. Each story is a continuing journey towards understanding the purpose of that which begat it: the first word.

In the beginning was the word.

Merry Christmas, All.


25 thoughts on “Nine Lessons and Carols: The Ninth Lesson: Words

      1. ‘… and self-important pedantry’ I think you should added! Anyway, pleased that the comments made some sense. I’m sure there’ll be more to come in 2014…

  1. Merry Christmas!
    That concept of The Word is quite wonderful. It takes one a step further back than the pre-Big Bang state of the start of everything as those whose god is Science conceive.

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