Got any Christmas Stories?

My good friend Rita, at , has had a capital idea; to feature posts on each of the 12 days of Christmas.

She ran a fabulous serial about a Christmas elf, and asked me to dip into my post box to see what I had which might fit.

My first contribution falls lamentably short of being a story. Another – a real live Christmas story featuring someone from MI6 – is awaiting .

Thing is, twelve is a lot.

If you have a Christmas post to add to Rita’s site, would you let her know in a comment over there?

Many thanks, all.

And now, for the first Christmas post – the one which was not a story, but rather a musing.

It begins here.

Merry mid-Christmas, Everyone. Watch out for Secret Santa.


13 thoughts on “Got any Christmas Stories?

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Kate. You’ve poetically breathed life into what has been rolling around in my mind for a few days now. The idea that anything can happen. Not everything we’re facing this year–any of us–is going to be easy, but I live with such a spirit of hope and eagerness to see how it will all come about. And I think much of it will be delicious! I stare at those stars almost nightly and I can only imagine being in your forest and looking up! A very happy, healthy and peaceful new year to your whole wonderful clan, Kate.

    Ambitious 12-Days project! ox

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