An Unexpected Pleasure

So there I was, scanning the airwaves on Twitter, picking up gossip and passing it on, as you do, when something happened which could have knocked me down with a feather.

This, in fact:

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 22.11.45

Rover is a great favourite of mine. Assuming the simultaneous personae of a cat and an arch criminal, it is never long before followers start calling him ‘Boss’. We, his devotees, are Twitter henchmen. Twenchmen.

Rover is also Sarah. Sarah E Smith, the writer of The End of The Pier Affair. A book which combines my favourite locations and all the intrigue of a classic thriller,with a writer’s voice which draws you in immediately. Very English, extremely straightforward. And extremely more-ish.

You can find it here: and here.

And back to Shorty Awards: coveted amongst those who haunt cyberspace, they honour the very best of Social Media. And I have my  own Shorty page. Thanks to Rover, who is a first class operator. Thanks, Boss.

Anyhow: despite the fact I am a very small wheel in an extremely awesomely large machine, I have industriously prepared a biography and a mission statement and  – stepping outside my comfort zone once again, following the Wayfarer award – a campaign video.

Can you still call them videos?

And so, with apologies for the Mememememememe-ness of this post, here is a short film entitled All About Me so you can pop over to my Shorty page – Blofelds_cats – here – and cast a nomination in my direction.

For Me.

And now: enough about me. Lets watch a Prezi – use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate through.

Sharing of any kind would be most excellent.

To see the Prezi click here:

Or for YouTubers, (links not live!):


32 thoughts on “An Unexpected Pleasure

  1. I tweeter nominated you and put it on my Facebook page. You deserve it. The trouble with Twitter is that I’m not even warmed up when they tell me it’s too long. I need more space to ramble on about quirks of English history, from the mysteries of life to the intricacies of dog poo. See, it’s too long already and I’m not even warmed up. I hope you win it.

    1. Thanks you Tom 🙂 It is ages since I have been over. My Mac had a cataclysmic hard disc crash and I lost my treasured favourites library which housed you all. Slowly I am piecing it back together. An backing up much more carefully. Hope all is well with you!

  2. Love this! For my money, you can memememememe all you’d like! Can’t figure the voting part (suspect it’s because I’m not “twittering,”) but you’d have mine if I could!

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