The Suitcase Test

Packing the suitcases for our trip to the USA has been a Herculean labour for the Shrewsdays.  Everyone gets their own case, cabin- size. Into this must go the correct number of pants, outfits and pyjamas: reading and writing materials: cuddlies if required.
I have snarled around like a bear with a sore head for the last few days, monitoring each case’s contents. These ebb and flow as young people decide they would quite like to wear a garment squirreled away for Washington; or they run out of pants and raid the sacred stashes.
Felix grasped the brevity of the sitiation..
“Mum,” he announced with the impermeable confidence of the young, “I have devised a suitcase test.”
Wow. I was impressed.  Really? My son has invented something to help us check all the  correct contents are in each suitcase?  I am not accustomed to this level of diligence in  one so nascent.
It became clear,  shortly after, that there are more tests of a suitcase than simply its contents.
Walking past the sitting room doorway, I came to a screeching halt and doubled back. There, taking up the  majority of our main living room, Felix had crafted an assault course for wheeled luggage.
We assembled to take our tests just before teatime. Felix had three tests and had drawn a chart to record each result in seconds.
Obediently, we followed a course which had now expanded to incorporate hall and kitchen with faults for hitting obstacles,  and fiendish figure-of-eights requiring sleight of wheel and flexible prowess.
I made it, knocking over the bottle of floor cleaner in the kitchen, in 29 seconds. Maddie tied with me; a competitive Phil clocked in with 23 seconds. Felix, though, has the Ferrari of all suitcases. It has four wheels. It is a no brainer.
I sit here on the plane, confident that we plied our suitcases at Heathrow with unparallelled flexibility this morning. Thanks to the suitcase challenge.


21 thoughts on “The Suitcase Test

  1. I would offer to loan you some pants if you need them, Kate, but 1. I don’t wear them; and 2. That’s a little familiar anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to seeing you and the gang on Friday. xo

  2. When we leave home somebody will always call out to check on things which have previously been forgotten… Pants? Pyjamas? Pudsey? (yellow cuddly bear) Have a wonderful, wonderful time with limited luggage ๐Ÿ™‚

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