One thought on “DSC_0816

  1. I am taking a lightning fast break from NaNoWriMo to let you know I am still alive. As always, I love your work, and just saw that you do audio book recordings! When my novel (a humor/mystery about a 30-something female PI named Maddie, and an enigmatic giant, talking and invisible dog named Bert. I am having a ball with it. Perhaps your British voice will be the perfect vocalizations for both Maddie and Bert!. Gotta go. Keep up the great work. I’ve always thought that gothic or any other architectural style as being sort of like our Supreme Court’s Justice Potter Stewart defined pornography: “I’ll know if when I see it.” I have never thought of gothic as overly ornamental. Once you have seen the horrible Roccoco-style cathedrals in Vienna, everything else seems tame in comparison. Probably shouldn’t say “horrible.” I realize there are people who love and appreciate the style. Chacon a son gout! (Sorry – don’t have diacritics marks capabilities on my mobile. . .) Take care – love to your family, say a special hello to John and June!

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