Walking The Walk


There are days when a picture speaks a thousand words.

Canine extraordinatore, Macaulay Shrewsday, has been a solo dog for some eight years now.

We always promised that when he was seven, we would get a younger dog to put a spring in his step.

The perfect dog turned up, though a little late; Freddie, a black retriever cross from Tipperary, has just joined the household, during Mac’s ninth year. And many of our regular readers are on tenterhooks, to see how Freddie and Macaulay are faring.

Macaulay is not thrilled. He liked being an only dog, though he was getting a little old before his time. Now he must share,and that comes hard to a small terrier set in his ways.

But when you see them both in the forest, Macaulay is young again. Each day is a romp, and there’s some challenge and colour to life.

And here are some of the pictures to prove it.


45 thoughts on “Walking The Walk

    1. It was making us sad too, Lou. He has slowed down, and he was stumbling as he went upstairs, and he didn’t run nearly as much as he used to. Now he runs all the time – with his new pack of two – and I haven’t seen a stumble for weeks.

  1. We bring new dogs in fairly regularly as we foster for Westie Rescue. For us the trick has been to lavish more love than usual on our boys and not to disrupt their routine too much. How does Freddie like Mac?

    1. Silver, that trick is the wisest way to proceed, I feel sure, and it’s what we’ve used. Freddie adores Mac: his attention is boisterous, though, so sometimes we pop Freddie on the lead to give Mac a break.

    1. Is it possible that a dog might like sniffing even more than Macaulay? I can confirm that Freddie is even more meticulous in rooting out those all-important odours. The two of them are of one mind on that issue, Helen 🙂

    1. I think they are, Roger; Freddie pushes it every now and then, and we just rein him in and give Mac a break. it seems to be working. Hope you and yours are all well and looking forward to Christmas…

  2. Freddie looks like he really like Mac. I guess it is a good sign that Mac was not marking Freddie. I know from experience that Mac will become to be very attached to the new member of “his” pack.

  3. Mac seems to take seriously his responsibility to mentor Freddie. You can’t have these young whippersnappers running through the forest without proper supervision and instruction.

  4. They look like buddies. Sometimes good to have a youngster who will keep you in your place – or give you something to live up to. But now we need to hear about Freddie in the podcast.

    1. Ah, yes, the podcast….it has been a while, hasn’t it? Despite my protestations. Since I saw you in August life has been rocket-assisted, and online life is always the first to suffer. However: Christmas approaches. Once I have read Ebeneezer Scrooge into a happy Christmas, I shall be free to spend the time recording a few podcasts ahead. Have a great Christmas, Michael!

  5. A delight to see, Kate. I’m sure Master Macauley and the young lad Freddie will have some awesome adventures together and will bring their adventures to your splendid pages. Best wishes, dear Kate.

      1. Just starting to “run” here, Kate. More like a mad dash in the final stretch. We have been spared the snow other parts have had. I’m secretly hoping we have a dusting for Christmas, though.

  6. The pictures of these two frolicking through the forest, Kate, gives the appearance that the period of adjustment is going smoothly. Freddie looks like he knows he’s 21C, what Evelyn Waugh called second-in-command.

    1. Every now and then, Freddie pushes it, Virginia, and we have to emphasis the whole Mac-Is-Top-Dog thing. But they’re enjoying each other’s company, I think, when they’re not competing for each other’s food or attention. They’re a ‘pack’.

  7. Cute, Kate. To me, Freddie has a look as though he’s contemplating something in those photos… there’s something going on behind his eyes! I love seeing dogs (and cats!) walking and playing together.

  8. Oh wow, Kate, how fabulous to see all this doggie heaven FUN! It’s lovely to meet Freddie and for Mac to have a playmate. Best thing ever for our two boys to have each other, and never more apparent than on walks 🙂

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