The Black Scribble

“Here,” Phil said. “pass me the piece of paper. I’ll draw Freddie.”

He spent a few seconds scribbling. And this is what he drew:

New Doc 38_1_resized

And we all laughed, and we all agreed. Because Fred, the new dog on the block at Shrewsday Mansions, is an insolent explosion of black. A lary sable sly on the fly. An onyx wolfish profusion.



The snow sent him high, man. Freddie was on Planet Snow, populated with little white crystals. The only other living being on the planet was a small brown terrier, Freddie’s compatriot through life, and old hand at this Snow thing. But Macaulay was eminently willing to be led.





17 thoughts on “The Black Scribble

    1. Hi Mouse! I have always found weather has a profound effect on children and animals. I used to have to work much harder as a teacher on windy days. And snow just does something to dogs, doesn’t it?

  1. The city-slicker dogs here in NYC are all sporting their winter coats i.e., actual top coats (my friend dresses her springer spaniel in a rather chic sweater) and snow booties to protect their paws from the sidewalk salt. The streets and sidewalks over here are heavily salted these very snowy days. Country pooches Mac and Fred would probably find this fashion show appalling and consider their American cousins all pampered wimps.

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