Extra post: An Away Match with a HIlarious Housewife

So, I got this e mail. From one of the funniest bloggers on the circuit. A fellow countrywoman who never fails to surprise and delight.

Would I, said Tilly Budd, The Laughing Housewife, guest on her blog?

Erk, I thought. The one-liners fly quick and fast there, the wit is fizzy and free-flowing: how could I keep up?

And then she laid down a challenge, and I can never resist a challenge.

Tilly is well known for her passion for Maltesers, those malty sweets covered in a layer of chocolate made by Mars.

Could I, she enquired angelically, write a post linking Maltesers and Queen Victoria?

To find out if I ever managed it: click here…..


12 thoughts on “Extra post: An Away Match with a HIlarious Housewife

  1. Instead of it plunging you into a slough of despond, you picked up on the Slough! Which has set me wondering about that poet:

    How could the man rhyme ‘slough’ with now?
    Not educated, he, enough?
    Or was he not informed, somehow,
    That ‘slough’ must be pronounced as ‘sluff’?

    Do they call the placeSlough ‘Sl – ow-as-in-wow?

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