Operation Fluffy Kitten

So, an extra post for regulars.

A small kitten has made its choice. It may be a foolhardy choice; it may be hasty and not as well researched as it could be. Kittens are not renowned for their background character checks.

Although it may have got on the phone the moment we left through the front door to engage a private detective.

The kitten who chose us was not tortoiseshell, as out old cat was, or indeed ginger, as were the majority of the small mewing souls taking their leisure in some leafy backwater of the Berkshire countryside.

It is black with the promise of many colours. A scientific truth demonstrated on four small clawed paws with the brightest eyes you can imagine. The eyes are currently shining blue sapphires in a sea of rumpled black energy.

We turned up at seven sharp, and by five past there was this kamikaze creature attempting to shred my camera bag.

I sat down, and the kitten started to scale me, using nature’s krampons. It was accustomed to me and I cannot for the life of me remember how we got acquainted.

And so now a fierce debate over the name has erupted. A healthy debate, anyway. Names that have flown through the air this evening include Tom, Dick Fosbury, Plato and Clive.

I am not certain what this small firebrand will be called. But one thing is certain: it was made for the Shrewsday Household.


91 thoughts on “Operation Fluffy Kitten

  1. The sweetest eyes! How could you deny it a thing? (And please, call him Clive. My friend Clive over in Peterborough would DIE. Although I call him Olive, but that’s another story……..)

  2. He is adorable! I suppose he really should have a proper British name; that names such as Cinder, Inky, Shadow (all felines from my past) or Darth are too commonplace, but I couldn’t resist a suggestion or two. 🙂 My guess is he’ll be fully in command of your household and its occupants in no time at all. 🙂

  3. Clive, as in Owen, my favorite actor? Definitely!

    I’ve been ruthlessly deleting everything from my inbox without reading lately, as an end-of-term survival strategy while dealing with student papers, but I’m so glad I broke down and read this one–who could resist a title like “Operation Fluffy Kitten”–it’s a delight to be back in your world for a moment, where phrases like “nature’s krampons” salt and pepper the prose so perfectly.

    This kitten’s attributes remind me a whole lot of yours!

  4. Yes, I foresee that this little kittie has enough strength of character to take on the Shrewsday household any day of the week. The eyes are like beautiful for-get-me-nots.

  5. You are amazing what a sweet storie I have 4 cats I rescued from a local pound and one of them was a tortisshell she’s black and brown we call her blackie shes like no Other cat my husband thinks she was a basketball player in another life she loves playing fetch with hair ties lol tu for sharing your sweet storie


  6. How many weeks is this bundle? Those blue eyes suggest about 6 weeks or so?
    Is this a male or female kitty? Very lovely.

    We may be going with an Olympian’s name for our ginger tom….

      1. Given your comment about Maddie, what were Clive of India’s other names? Friends have a beautiful black cat with golden eyes called Nera. It took me a while to settle on NotCat’s names.

      1. The risk is that he grows up to be the most unclimbingest cat out. However, you could then mention that he gained fame in an early climbing exploit …

  7. Oooh he’s gorgeous. Those eyes!! Nice one Kate. I’m sure he’s part of the family already 😀 Just watch out for the crampons!!

  8. Smudge? I’m a sucker for blue-eyed kitties. My Mousse has gorgeous big blue eyes, as did three of his predecessors. I just can’t say no to blue-eyed kitties.

  9. Years ago, we rescued a kitten that looked just like your little guy. At first, we called him Topaz due to the eyes.

    But, as we got to know him, he let us know that his name was Buddha ~ both because of the bodacious belly and because of a calm that went to his core (even in the midst of frenzied kittenesque activites).

    Thanks for introducing us to you little guy! He’s a charmer.

  10. I vote with the majority — not that you’re taking a poll, but this kitty sure looks like a Clive to me, too. Also when he grows up, he’ll be Clive the Cat. He’s adorable. What does Mac think of him?

  11. Beautiful, though that promise of many colors could mean a dark tortoiseshell.

    The cat is allowed many names. As I had it explained to me, a much loved child has many names.

    So here’s wishing you all (2 and 4 legged types) many happy years together.

  12. The idea of an English cat named Clive is just too fantastic. I love it. He’s so cute!!! Congratulations on the new addition–he obviously chose well! The cramponing won’t stop, though, so always make sure to wear pants with some weight to them, otherwise you’ll have puncture wounds up and down your legs for a long time.

  13. OMG, I’m in love…mesmerized by one look into those amazing eyes! Since my father’s name was Clive, I have to vote for that, although for me it’s far removed from a classic kitty name 🙂 Have fun, all of you!

  14. cute…naming a pet is so hard for you don’t wish to curse or ignore a personality to come…how abouts something from HP…albus dumbledore (a wise wizard)

  15. So beautiful and how lucky to be a part of your household. Our youngest daughter and her husband just adopted their 2nd kitten from a shelter – also black – and they named him “Ernest Hemingway.”

    The name you select will no doubt be decided on by his personality. Best wishes to all.

  16. Clive is very nice, as are Plato and Tom, thought the number of Toms prowling around might generate confusion, unless a modifier be added: Tom Stearns Eliot, or some such. Whatever the name, he’s a handsome devil.

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