Homecoming: doing the washing

It is always the way when you get home from a really good trip abroad that the dirty washing must be laundered.

Yes: while we at Kate Shrewsday have been languishing in dreamy glass-clad minimalist aestheticism, or gawping at Roman concrete, the characters back at the mansions have been leading a merry old dance.

For when I waved you all off at the airport the dog and the kitten had not even met, and Al was still a pre-school boy.

It has been a hectic week.

The cat has gained in confidence with every passing day. He has even stopped bolting behind the sofa when Macaulay the dog walks in. he has learnt the fine art of Frenetic Under-Duvet Torture.

Being an official Black Tabby, he is the heart of darkness. All light disappears into him, which makes photography a new challenge. I have pictures of people playing with a tiny Black Hole; the dog staring dolefully at about one square foot of black nothingness; and just occasionally, every now and then, two startling Gilliamesque eyes will appear in this tiny expanse of proverbial antimatter.

The dog is reproachful. You bring me this furry entity that stares at me out of the darkness, he emanates, and expect me not to be perplexed? This is my company for the next twenty years, is it? Every time I say hello the black hole punches me. With a paw. With needles in it.

The kitten gets all the good laughs. Macaulay is beginning to feel his moustache is passeΒ΄.

We pet him and tell him he’s special, but his nose is out of joint.

The kitten has been invaluable during Al’s first half-days at school.

Who goes to school after lunch? Seriously? We have a fun packed morning and then I turn Al over to the school authorities at 1:15 dressed in a diminutive school uniform and a beam from ear to ear.

On Saturday Al woke up gurgling with laughter. He had played a very good game about monkeys on the computer at school with his best friend Nicholas.

But this week education has been afternoons only, so the kitten has had centre stage during mornings with Auntie Kate.

We were reticent about introducing Al and the kitten. We had vivid recollections of a small boy exuberantly swinging our old cat, Kit Kat, by the armpits in comradely joy.

But he has respected the kitten’s space with something like religious fervour. This has been aided by the art of ‘kitten-fishing’ – a feather on the end of a string on the end of what looks much like a small fishing rod. Al holds it and swipes it round, the kitten goes nuts for the feather.

Everyone’s happy.

Bond the kitten has kept Al the schoolboy smiling right up till lunchtime.

Tomorrow is Al’s first full-time day.

However will the kitten amuse himself?


49 thoughts on “Homecoming: doing the washing

  1. poor Macaulay – he has a whole new experience to explore with the kitten – who seems to not want to take part! Hope Al enjoys his first full day of school πŸ™‚

  2. So he is Bond! Obviously have a lot to catch up at Kate Shrewsday!
    Love Macaulay’s hangdog expression, and that game invented by Al seems like perfect training for mousecatching πŸ™‚

  3. I have a card (how I wish I knew how to photograph it and paste it here for you!) of a cat seated on the arm of a sofa, just like Bond, looking down at a perplexed dog, and consoling him “I was a dog in a previous life”. Please give it to Macaulay πŸ™‚

  4. Nice lot of kitten action as the family days unfold and he embraces them. Macauley seems benign. And let him know from me his moustache is not passΓ©, but may be the only protection he has. Show him pictures of the horse guards and let him draw his own conclusions.

  5. What a *lovely* blog! Such fun, Kate πŸ˜€ Frenetic under-duvet torture is The Best!! Mine still indulge… Mac looks suitably resigned and perplexed – such a gorgeous boy.

  6. Love Big Al stories and Bond is just the trick to turn the home into energy unleashed.Poor Mac has such a strange look, not forlorn, just sort of asking what did I do to deserve this in my life?

  7. Oh Macaulay! While your new companion is amusing, I have not forgotten your mustache! I feel for him especially as the feline adventurer sticks his whiskered face into the breakfast bowl and Mac watches, perplexed at the boldness.

  8. Such a great story of kind mischief-making! Adjustments all around in the Shrewsday Mansion. Macaulay adjusts to a feline interloper, Big Al and full-day school, and the world turns! You describe a happy home, Kate. I rejoice in that. Debra

  9. ‘Black Hole’ is a good way of putting it. The black half of our Gem & Ni, Nigel, also tends to vanish from recognition in a photo. Love the Macauley look of outraged perplexity.

  10. Lovely shots, Kate. Bond seems to be settling into Shrewsday Manor with aplomb. The photo of him eyeing the cereal bowl is the perfect blend of confidence and curiosity. πŸ˜€

  11. Is that the same sofa where Macaulay attempted to bury the bone? If so, what must Mac be thinking as Bond takes ownership of the space? Possibly that has something to do with the dog’s forlorn expression? I hope that Big Al’s not only entertaining Bond and that someone is also playing fetch with Mac.

  12. Ah there, I found photos of him…Clive Bond! A miniature of my black Duc le Chat. He is soooo sweet. I think I can smell his kittenhood. Yum. Yes, the black creatures really are a challenge to photograph. I have many black blobs, bumps and shadows. I have a photo of Duc sleeping. His upper row of teeth, his two fangs and one sole of a paw are the only hints of this blackness being feline.

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