Extra: International Kitten of Mystery

Clive Bond is finding his paws very fast indeed.

He has grown a little since his arrival, 21 days ago. But it is in bold audacity that he has proved he can excel.

We began by instigating a stairgate so that he could choose when he first saw Macaulay the family dog, and on what terms. His first few days were spent in my study, a roomy middle floor cushioned paradise with all modern kitty conveniences.

He seemed so timid we could not imagine him ever taking over this huge three story monolith as his own.

But it was all a cover.

Having cased the joint enthusiastically, it seems there is nowhere he dare not tread, and no-one he dare not challenge.

He sees Macaulay – much to the dog’s chagrin – as a sparring partner. Clive began by approaching Macaulay with small bristling arched back and a sort of sideways canter-challenge. Now, he is more often seen charging him full on. He occasionally jumps on the dog from above, and will saunter with intent towards his food bowl, though how he could ever hope to ingest one of Mac’s great food boulders is beyond me.

The dog is endlessly patient. Although it occurs to me that his slow reaction time means most events are over before he has actually registered them, leaving him resigned and bemused. We fuss him and buy him bones: but nothing makes up for the fact that the little upstart is allowed on the bed when he must lie, as always, obediently on his cushion on the floor.

Bond has all the dashing derringdo of his namesake. He is bold, and quite bad, and when he’s crept under the duvet he is dangerous to know. Perhaps we should have called him Byron.

But he is still young, with the purr of a Harley Davidson and a habit of mad spurts of energy followed by languid super-naps.

The world lies at his paws, waiting to see what will unfold.


57 thoughts on “Extra: International Kitten of Mystery

  1. You’re at the beginning of the great seduction. What you really have is a descendant of Kipling’s cat who walked alone in the wild, wet woods. He’s softening you up before total rule, when he will tolerate your advances every now and then:)

  2. I love it. You will have to blu-tack every valued ornament in your home (once upon a time I learnt too late that the delicate paws had no delicacy at all when playing ‘don’t touch the floor’) Enjoy.

  3. Love this and quite understand Macaulay’s bemusement. I used to have a St. Bernard, Heidi. When we introduced a kitty, Tumbleweed, I recall – from a photo – that Heidi looked like, “Uh. Is that going to be a permanent fixture?”

    Later we’d find them napping together. Best wishes to Macaulay and to Bond, the new kid on the block.

  4. Bond has one of those sweet and innocent kitty mugs even though he’s plotting all kinds of havoc that is trying Mac’s patience. Good thing that Mac’s too much of a class act to read “Hating Kitties for Dummies”.

      1. Hm. Now I’m looking forward to the next Bond update post, but he’ll be hardpressed to surpass the tale of Mac and the bone he attempted to bury in the sofa.

        In my next life I want to be a Shrewsday critter.

  5. I adore kittens, which is sad as I’m allergic to cats. But this is why I love looking at pics of them, and reading about them. so thank you for this. πŸ™‚

  6. I adore his moniker, International Kitten of Mystery. And his stealth maneuvers, hidden under the wraps of helpless wee one new to the manor, brilliantly played. I think we’d all be better for minimizing our abilities at times. I’m all for pulling them out when the greatest wow factor is achievable! Debra

  7. Dear Kate, as one who have lived with kittens and cats for forty years, I stand in awe of your astute observations of their shenanigans, their cunning frolics, and their exuberance. The phrase about side-ways cantering just delighted me. Thank you. Peace.

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