On Being a Writer’s Desk Finalist

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A little while ago I decided to play along with Nancy Hatch’s  ‘Writer’s Desk’ challenge.

An inspired meme, it asked writers to submit just 100 words about the place they wrote. It has resulted in a wonderful variety of submissions: you can see all sorts of writer’s desks and read about their writing habits. It’s frankly absorbing…

My reward has been reading about and looking at others’ desks.

However, I have been insanely fortunate to be shortlisted as one of seven finalists. They are all rather fabulous, and they all deserve a read and a vote.

Which is why I am asking a favour, today.

Could you click the link here and take a look at all seven entries, casting your vote for the one you like the most?

Thank you very much indeed.

The next time you and I are in the same pub, I’ll buy you a pint.



50 thoughts on “On Being a Writer’s Desk Finalist

  1. I already voted . . . but I plan to take you up on that pint. You know, someday when we are in the same pub! 😀

    Thanks for playing along, Kate! As you say, it’s been great fun seeing how and where writers write.

    1. I TOLD everyone to vote for the best entry, just as Kate did, and you go and disobey instructions! Naughty! I do believe that with a competition what should happen is that people vote on what has been produced rather than for the person?

  2. Exciting being on the final lists.
    All the entries are so good, aren’t they? (I suppose I should add, with the exception of mine, but what the heck – it is there, so that would be insulting Nancy.)
    Fascinating to watch how the placings fluctuate as new batches of votes come in!

    1. Ha! If you read carefuly you will see I have not asked people to vote for me. I have urged readers to read all seven entries and vote for their favourite. But yes: unashamed bribery to that end!

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