There I times when I still really miss Mr Lennon.

And this is one of his best hair moments, I feel.

I shall be posting at leisure later.Alas, my life does not stop for crises, it just accelerates. I am playing flute for a holy communion at ten, arranging a sleepover for Maddie complete with sleeping bag I haven’t dug out yet and capsule wardrobe; At one I man Felix’s fete bric-a-brac stall. And tonight Pil and Felix and I are celebrating Felix’s birthday again.

I am not kitted out for full-time media campaigns, and I am not used to asking for help.

But my friends have put me to shame. Andra Watkins, the superlative Accidental Cootchie Mama, and Nancy Hatch of Spirit Leads The Way have led a full frontal assault on the world of social media using every means at their disposal; blogging, e mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google + – to drum up support.

So many of you mosied right on over there to to vote. You have got me, as I speak, to over 350 votes. Thank you.

The rebloggers: let me count the ways.  Thank you so much to you all for spreading the world so generously.

Voting closes on Monday, and I am posting this for the weekend bloggers: those who do their visits largely at weekends, like me. If you have already voted, click on, friend, and I’ll promise faithfully to post a really interesting post later.

If not: I could spend my Summer walking the pathways of Britain and writing/filming/tweeting for Penguin Books about my travels. But only if I get chosen by author Robert Macfarlane, and that can only happen if I get into the shortlist of 10.

And to do that, I need a few more votes. Actually, a few more hundred would be really useful.

So, if you’re a weekend blogger, and if you haven’t cast a vote already, might I impose?

Just go to, and cast you vote for my not-pen-name: Kate Pitt.

Many thanks!


16 thoughts on “Help!

  1. If this were old-time Chicago, I’d be able to cast more than one vote – even after I’ve gone on to my great reward. Alas, I am not able to. Wishing you all the best on your quest, Kate.

    1. One is quite enough, Judy, thanks 🙂 I’m very grateful for that. I have been, to be honest, totally taken aback by the sheer force of will when the blogosphere gets behind one. I have been fortunate beyond words: the number of reblogs alone has been just incredible, and Facebook and Twitter have been humming…I am very lucky.

  2. We have been driving around with my parents, Kate. Every time MTM’s phone changes its cell tower, he votes again. It has been hilarious.

    I shared Mac’s photo on FB and G+. We’ll just have to keep begging until Monday. 🙂

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