Reglogging for England: a thank you


Come. Sit down. Take a load off. commandeer a deck chair.

I have been saying thank you a lot recently, and with good reason. That Penguin Wayfarer thing was quite the rollercoaster ride, was it not?With my propensity for the odd misprint, I managed to turn reblogging into reglogging in one reply. Which I quite like.

So: here are the Shrewsday regloggers. Each of them has something extraordinary about them, which I shall now attempt to elucidate. I hope I get my facts right; regloggers, let me know if anything needs changing.

In intentionally jumbled order: THE Andra Watkins, a rare combination of talent and drive. A born writer who is utterly moreish. Andra has been so much more than a reglogger. She wrote posts to garner voters. Her behind the scenes advice and encouragement were superlative. She stands by her friends. And she’s extremely good at this social media lark.

Gingerfightback: Jim’s thoroughly British humour is infectious. Recently his posts have majored on putting meat products on the heads of celebrities and great figures in history. I believe Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein have each had something akin to a sausage strapped to their head in the near past. He’s one of the few people who can make me laugh out loud.

The Laughing Housewife: Tilly is a Stockport lass, a wonderful poet. I count her as my friend. I love my visits to see her; she is funny, down to earth, topical, everything a blogger should be. And her daily joke never fails to be hilarious.

Me, Mine and Other Bits:  Fiona: a true professional. You can’t keep her down, even though she has ME. In between telling us about Jake the dog and the caravan at the beach she’s lobbying and working tirelessly for those with rare diseases. And writing about her life with a humour and intelligence which is habit-forming.

Breastfedblog : a little collection of the funny and the thought provoking. Well worth a visit for the feel-good factor.

Calmgrove : Chris’s book reviews are insighful, and invariably about something compelling. They are backed by an encycopaedic knowledge which, occasionally, he uses to help us out in our debates here.

Colonialist. A published author, composer, poet and all-round good egg with a fairytale house by the sea on the coast of South Africa. Every post of his crackles with energy. I have never met them but he and his wife are two of my favourite people, and his lovely family keep me entertained.

1WriteWay:  Marie Ann writes because she wants to write. A self-confessed cat magnet, we just met; and her writing voice is so companionable I shall be going back very soon.

More Than a Cat: A good friend with a writing voice you just want to go back and hear again and again and a crisp dry sense of humour. Also known as Rover Blofeld ( @Blofelds_cats ) I became hooked on the stream of 140-character wit which lurks in the Rover Blofeld twitter stream. There are other blogs too: an ongoing story, and Rover has his own blog too.

To Write is To Write is To Write One of my favourite writers and my earliest blogging friend. Kathy made me a sticker. What can I say? I love her writing so much I am counting the days until her book is complete and some publisher snaps it up. Wonderful, Texan, lilting wisdom to every word.

Nancy at Spirit Lights The Way. A daily thought which I usually carry round with me all day. Nancy is a very wise lady and has ben an extremely good friend. What I admire about her most is her straight-talking good humour. You wil always hear it straight from Nancy. There are too few people in the world like her.

In honour of the Shrewsday regloggers I shall be reglogging each of them , one a day, for the next week or so. Regloggers, let me know if you’d like a particular post reglogged.

Read and enjoy.


35 thoughts on “Reglogging for England: a thank you

  1. Reblogged this on calmgrove and commented:
    The generous, funny, perspicacious Kate Shrewsday who always has something interesting to say and who thoroughly deserves her appreciative audience.

      1. Regloggers, let me know if you’d like a particular post reglogged.
        I’ll leave the choice entirely up to you, Kate, just chuffed you’re doing it!

  2. Great post! And now I want to meet every one of those I don’t already follow!! I’ll NEVER get anything else done. 🙂 Truly do not know how all of you read, research, write and blog/glog as much as you do and still have time for everyday “stuff.” 🙂

  3. You’ve coined a new word, reglogging!

    Which sounds a bit like what one might do in a pub with a pint of grog that they’ve determined to gargle before swallowing! :mrgreen:

    I love this idea of reglogging posts. Although many of the bloggers on your list of ardent fans and supporters are familiar to me, others are not. And what better way to get to know one another than through reglogs.

    1. I don’t have a specific post to request. Perhaps (given your description) you could type “honest” (or “integrity” or “truth”) into the search bar on SLTW and pick one of the posts that pops up?

  4. Kate, you have my permission to reglog whatever post of mine you like. Thanks for the mention. I did what has to be done in this online world for people to take note. It didn’t take much time or effort on my part. It’s what friends do. xo

  5. How charmingly you respond to what was done selfishly in the hopes that you would be paid to continue to entertain us – and therefore give us more of it!
    I’m not sure if anything of mine would be considered particularly regloggabubble! 🙂

  6. I shan’t use ‘the word’, no way! But am here also via the ‘colonialist’ and am so enjoying the ‘getting to know you’ process’: wish you knew of a way to double those hours we are given to spend at sites such as yours . . .

  7. You had a lot of enthusiastic support and for good reason. I reposted your blog on Facebook and I was disappointed that you didn’t win. I know it’s an opportunity you would have excelled at. Looking forward to more of your stories here, Kate.

  8. Late coming to this post, for all the busyness that has overcome the Cutoff of late, I know I will enjoy visiting the posts I don’t already stop by at, Kate. Three cheers for reglogging!

    I was sorry you didn’t win – as you won in my mind from the get-go.

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