Making the transition

If you are a chain-reader, Chris is the blogger for you. His incisive reviews get to the heart of whether a book is a decent read, and tells you precisely why, warts and all. How he reads so widely, and seems to make so many inspired choices, is beyond me. Suffice to say my reading list has trebled since becoming a regular at Calmgrove.


On the Welsh coastal path © C A Lovegrove 2013

The Broken Bridge by Philip Pullman.
Young Picador, revised edition 2004 (1990).

‘You’re interested in painting?’
‘It’s the only thing—’ 
‘It’s not the only thing. It’s not even the most important thing.’ 
‘What . . .’ Ginny still couldn’t speak properly. ‘What is the most important thing?’ 
There was a long, long silence.

Chapter 14

Ginny Howard’s mother was from Haiti, and it’s from her that Ginny apparently inherits her artistic talents. She now lives with her widowed father in a Welsh village near the sea, and for a sixteen-year-old of mixed descent that isn’t easy.

Come the summer holidays after her exams and some of the mysteries concerning her mother and family start to emerge, upsetting the sensitive but determined teenager at that crucial period when she is making the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

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10 thoughts on “Making the transition

  1. His well-written and well-informed, incisive and insightful reviews are certainly deserving of a far wider readership than he currently seems to enjoy.

    1. Couldn’t have put it better than myself, Col. He’s such a fantastic resource. And also a brilliant commenter – Chris often adds in-depth information in his comments which broadens the thread. I look forward to his visits.

      1. Very gratifying comments, thank you all very much! And thanks very much for visiting.

        The photo is of one of several leafy tunnels along a small stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path near Newport. This one just seemed splendidly enigmatic. A bit like the novel!

  2. Going back and reading posts I missed earlier this week…. If you’d posted this on Monday, I’d suggest that Clive had read it and gone to see this beautiful spot for himself. Will be taking a look at calmgrove’s suggestions.

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