The Old Ball And Chain

A small celebration.

One of the great coincidences, the fortunate happenings of my life, was the day a young journalist came to work in the same newspaper office as I.

It took two years and a lot of shenanigans to join forces with the man who eventually became my husband. But since then I think I might say that, for better and for worse, life has been really quite amazing.

We promised each other, just weeks into our time together, one thing above all: adventures.

We continue to have them. Life is never mundane, or so-so. It is invariably spectacular. And anyone who knows our family will tell you exactly the same thing.

And so, 21 years to the day since we married in a church which looked like something out of a Gerry Anderson animation, (it is a wonder you couldn’t see the strings and the phoney walks) I am posting a few pictures of the man to whom I have been privileged to be married.

Perhaps you will realise why life with him is such a ball.

No chain included.

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24 thoughts on “The Old Ball And Chain

  1. Congratulations!! As someone who’ll be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary next month, I know both the work and the joy that come from a long marriage. Kudos to you for keeping the embers burning!

  2. Congratulations and Bestest Wishes, Kate and Phil! Isn’t life grand when we get to share our days (and nights) with our very best friend? :mrgreen:

    Happiness is being married to your BFF.

  3. What an excellent thing to promise each other–more adventures! I really see that in the both of you, and wish you many more years of happiness. I thoroughly loved the photos! ox

  4. “We promised each other, just weeks into our time together, one thing above all: adventures.” That should be written into every marriage vow 😀 Congrats, Kate and Phil, and may you have many more adventures together!

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