The Dog On The Bed

Since young gun cats came to stay here in Shrewsday Mansions, the dog has noticed our double standards.

There was a reason for our ancient cat being allowed on the bed: she was here first,  long before the little hangdog hairy terrier arrived; and so naturally she claimed special privileges.

But young cats, it seems , get to jump the queue, and the dog has used all of his considerable powers of reproach to ensure he now has a regular slot on the bed. It is against my better judgement, for he thinks nothing of bringing  a measure of the forest and sundry visitors with him.

Dog on the bed:  it is an issue which divides doggie owners everywhere.  But at the Victoria and Albert Museum, there is strong evidence it has been happening for a very long time.


Meet Tobias and Sara. This was made in 1520 in Grrmany, and is their wedding night, and thereby hangs a cracking tale for tomorrow. But for today: it is thought that the dog is a symbol: he represents fidelity. Faithfulness.

Long may the dog stay there, sleeping peacefully at the foot of the bed.


14 thoughts on “The Dog On The Bed

  1. Over the years, all of the various 4-legged creatures in my household** have shared the bed. It’s always been a win-win situation; they act as bed warmers, they’re happier, and I know the dog, at least, isn’t roaming and into mischief.

    ** except for that little gerbil my son once had; I did draw the line at rodents! 🙂

  2. Our terrier cuddles at my wife’s feet, respectful of the old cat’s claws. There is the occasional bone or toy, and he always has to dig out a nest and turn several circles before he can settle. Once situated, he resists any effort to move him. Disturbed, he stalks off to pout in the armchair.

  3. That dog seems to be taking a generous portion – leaving the newlyweds all scrunched up! Cats are the specialists in doing that. We have had some experts at it, who end up with most of the bed while the humans teeter precariously at the edge on either side.
    Our dogs are not allowed on beds. Not even when silent, in fact. Still, they seize every possible opportunity.

  4. The wedding night couple with all their headgear? And a dog in the bed? Not exactly X-rated. At least it wasn’t a three-dog night. To keep new puppies from whining all night, when I was a kid I used to let them sleep on my stomach.

  5. My cats have always been welcome on the bed, until the current one. For some reason he thinks the middle of the night is a good time to start knocking things off the bedside table. An attention-getting move that works all too well. For a while I tried securing everything to the table with masking tape but finally gave up and shut him out of the bedroom. I decided early on that the current canine, at about 60 lbs, is just too big to share a queen-sized bed. (I used to have a king, just to make room for the animals.)

  6. It would be nice if Reggie curled up at the foot of the bed like the dog in the painting. Instead he takes up most of the real estate, leaving me clinging to the edge. 🙂

  7. Quite right; but what strikes me as odd is that my first thought at the sight of that image is how interesting that they had pillows back then — not that they shouldn’t, but I’ve never given a thought to how different people made their beds in earlier centuries. But the dog at the foot? I’d bet that’s a very old practice.

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