To Charleston, With Love

The Presidential helicopter buzzes back and forth  along the Potomac (my, but the President must be busy) and Phil alerts us to every passing.

Extraordinary city Washington DC, and I feel oddly at home with the gorgeous mature bank of trees which line the river and the plush mansions.

It all feels familiar, right up until the moment I’m standing in front of a giant Abraham Lincoln in what feels much like a Roman temple.

No, it felt different before that. It was when we had walked all the way from Rosslyn to find our trail diverted past the Kennedy Centre. Sublime architecture on a scale which would attract the approval of Mount Olympus, peopled by precisely one security guard. It is like a vast deserted ruin without being ruined. A place to set the beginning of the world.  A masterpiece, some of the most beautiful and overawing building I have ever seen.

We return soon. But tomorrow morning we all jump in a hire car to visit a place we have all wanted to go for a long time: the place named for Charles II, renowned for its beautiful and historic buildings  and its mannerly people. A bustling port since 1670, Charleston has formed a part of many stories: stories of independence and slavery, buckskins and book covers, of the fierce battle to exist and the overriding instinct for hospitality.

A strikingly beautiful and gracious city, it is home to a story still being played out: the story of writer Andra Watkins, prolific blogger and author of a number of page-turning books. One of these tells of the afterlife of a key American historic figure:Meriwether Lewis.

We get to walk into the story for just a couple of days. Andra and her husband MTM are familiar faces to so many of you, and we’re off to meet them.

And now: read on.


24 thoughts on “To Charleston, With Love

  1. Welcome to my country, Kate! You describe the Lincoln Memorial so well. I saw it by day and again by moonlight. Always breathtaking and that’s even when my feet ached from walking in heels…. Long story…. I do hope you got to also see the war memorials, they are Something, as we say here. Enjoy Charleston and let us know what you think. Best ~ Huntie

  2. Oh, I’m so envious. I miss Charleston, so once you’ve given Andra that hug I requested that you deliver, please hug Charleston for me, too. I know you’re going to love it!

    Take great care to stay on the right side of the road as you head south! 😀

    1. The hardest thing isn’t driving on the other side of the road. It’s that the wipers and signal indicator are opposite. And no matter how many times I tell myself it’s opposite, instinct governs and I turn the wipers on when I mean to signal.

      1. Ha! I have been trying to lean on the left window all day. And Phil cannot locate the seat belt whenever he gets in the drivers seat. Come to think of it, We both just get in the passenger seat to drive.

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