Autumn Seaside

I have just arrived back from a brief sojourn at the seaside.

I timed my arrival with that of the super moon and the layers of Autumn light tinted the place with such artistry. I have not the inclination to write today: but perhaps the pictures will tell my story.

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19 thoughts on “Autumn Seaside

      1. I agree. I can’t paint or draw worth bothering with, hopefully someday I will be able to get a decent camera. Looks like it was a great place to be.

  1. Left the Miami, Florida sea coast in January after 60 years. It is so developed and condominiumized there is no semi virgin sea shore like this. Moved 900 miles north to Greensboro, North Carolina which is about 200 miles inland. A whole different world. I am so bad with a camera that if I go anywhere I buy the post cards and send them to myself. At least the mailman is impressed.

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