So: my longest standing blogging friend, Kathy of To Write is To Write is to Write, has come up with a special reward for anyone who has voted for my chance to walk Britain for Penguin books. She is an ingenious woman. And if you get a chance, you should read her fiction. It is incredible. Thanks Kathy.

Kathy Waller

I voted for kate sticker.2

To all who read yesterday’s post and voted for Kate in Penguin’s Wayfarer contest, many thanks. Here’s a sticker for you. 

Lacking stickum, it’s not technically a sticker, of course, more like a pin-on-er. And you’ll have to print and cut it out and provide your own pin. I hope you don’t mind.

I’m not quite competent in Windows Paint and am amazed I got the text box to stand still long enough to put words in it.

To anyone who hasn’t yet cast a ballot, there’s still time. Voting runs through June 24.

Kate’s entry needs to be in the top 10 to advance to the next round. At last check-in, Kate’s entry ranked 11th out of 20. That’s close, but not close enough. And it’s not enough to send harmonious vibrations. More clicks of the VOTE icon–that’s what it’ll take.

Look for the only Kate on the page…

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13 thoughts on “Sticker

  1. Awww. I’m glad you liked the sticker. I hope it helps to get you on the path. I doubt I have any chance of a career in sticker-designing, though, so I’m going back to blogging.

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